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About Our company

“ZISAN FOOD & BEVERAGE LIMTED  ” is a Bangladeshi food and Beverage company. We are strongly committed to provide pure, safe, essential, healthy food products for ensuring a perfect healthy life of our respective millions of consumers.

Since 2011, our goal has been to satisfy the needs of our customers who are located around the world and to offer them a large range of high quality products at competitive prices through our first trading company called  “Khadem Trade International “

In 2017 “ZISAN FOOD & BEVERAGE LIMITED  ” launched its own brand called “ZISAN”. Our goal is to make “ZISAN” a favorable consumer brand in the FMCG sector throughout the World.  All of our effort would be just focused on our customer’s satisfaction  

 Our main strengths include our in-depth knowledge of the market in abroad and the opportunities for the products, our dynamic ways and our commitment to always offer professional and responsible services. 

We work close to our clients to understand their business, their needs and their risks. In “ZISAN FOOD & BEVERAGE LIMTED  ” you will find a business partner that adapts himself continuously to the development of your business.

Corporate Headquarter:

  Address : Rupayan Prime, Level-7(C-6) , House No:02, Road No-07, Dhanmondhi, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh.
  Telephone No : +88 02 51056176 , +880 1324 247274,
  Email : export@zisangroup.com , zisanfbl@gmail.com

Overseas Office in Africa:

  Address : Hann Maristes n°-2, Villa N-S 89 , Dakar, Senegal
  Telephone No : +221 33 868 91 28
  Cell No : +221 77 783 83 76
  Email : export@zisangroup.com , zisanfbl@gmail.com

Overseas Office in Europe :

  Address :Avenida General Rocadas nº- 161 E-2,Lisbon-1170-159,Portugal
  Telephone No : + 351 966 23 10 70 , + 351 920 07 63 01
  Email : export@zisangroup.com , zisanfbl@gmail.com

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